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Project Management
  • Long term and short term execution strategy to attain goals
  • Creating tasks, timelines, and managing the process / team to ensure completion
Brand Management
Conflict Prevention / Legal 
New Business Development / Sales
Product Development
Strategic Planning for Market Entry or Expansion
Market Research
  • Message development - market research 
  • Look and feel, color palettes, images, printed materials and web presence
  • Digital marketing, e-commerce, video & photography 
  • Ensuring the brand message is consistently communicated across all channels 

Key Skills

  • Exploration and assessment of growth opportunites
  • Strategic planning - goals and action steps
  • Management of prototype development & manufacturing feasibility
  • Raw material sourcing, importing, costing
  • Exploration of new customer groups and sales outreach 
  • Custom pitch development and execution
  • Customized sales presentations
  • Proactive implementation of systems to reduce conflicts and misunderstandings
  • Familiar with legal agreements and corresponding business activities 
  • Research study design and oversight to ensure actionable results
  • Qualitative and quantitative studies
  • Product market testing, competitive analysis, pre-launch market research
  • Logistics, shipping, inventory management, equipment
International Engagement
  • Business & cultural competence in Latin America, fluent in Spanish
  • Develop strategic partnerships for commercial applications
  • Raw materials sourcing & importing
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