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New Markets / Startups

Corporate Market Growth

The combination of proficiency at identifying growth opportunities coupled with the skills to test the viability of the ideas, makes 360 Wavi an invaluable resource for corporations seeking low risk methods to expand market share. 
Having explored new markets for Harris Interactive, Markettools, Dalbar, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we understand the pit falls and the patterns to look for to ensure best results.
Market Share Defense
The entrepreneurial perspective is invaluable in developing an innovative defensive strategy for market share preservation.  For example, a successful strategy was designed and executed for Merck when a primary medication was under competitive siege.


360 Wavi has in-depth experiential knowledge regarding the process of bringing an idea into a manifested form and launching it successfully into the marketplace. As part of the founding teams of Elimindi and Choco Sombra, we bring real world know-how from concept to market, to every project we engage in.

Startup Companies Portfolio

This socially conscious company manufactures women's apparel and donates 5% of total sales to innovative humanitarian projects they initiate. They are committed to Elevating Lives & Inspiring Minds.
Ethically made in the USA, this line is available in an inclusive size range from Small to 5X
Working to preserve threatened areas of the Amazon cloud forest, this company is invested in sourcing its raw materials directly from farmers with bio-dynamic practices and educating consumers on the value of sustainable farming. 
In addition to coffee and chocolate, Choco Sombra works to preserve indigenous crops and cultural heritage.
choco sombra
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